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How to make money from internet

Is it possible to make money from internet? Well, this probably is the most asked question these days. You can find people asking it on almost every forum in the net. This is why I decided to write something about it here.

I believe that to make money from the net you can try in some different methods:

Method One – „Selling advertising in a website“

Probably the most popular method for making money in Bulgaria. The method is good but profit comes with time and depends on the number of visits to your website. Generally, advertisers are not stupid, so you need to work hard to create quality content that will attract a lot of visits.

So in this case you have two choices:

1. Creating a website for mass audiences.

In other words it can be a website for jokes, photos, dating or news. These kind of websites are about everything. Their goal is quantity, not quality. These sites don’t have a target audience, they are intended for all. Usually are visited by people who are looking for ways to kill time. Advertisers usually are companies that want to conduct a massive PR-campaign in the community.

2. Creating a theme website.

The philosophy of these websites lies in attracting a specific group of visitors. For example, you created a website for diets and weight loss. This site will be interesting for people who want to change their figure or want to eat healthy. The number of visits will be different from the one of the website about „everything about everyone“, but the audience will be targeted. The advertiser on these kind of websites are manufacturers of food, beverages, food supplements, etc. In this case, the advertisers have a much better chance of selling their goods.

how2 make money online

Method # 2 – „Offering services through the website“

For this method, you can create 3-4 pages with Dreamweaver, or use free platforms like WordPress or Drupal. Then starts offering your services on-line.

You can sell mobile ringtones, to offer your knowledge of programming, seo, you can write articles for money – you can offer everything that comes to your mind.

The good thing is that you are not dependent on the number of visits. All you need is a target audience. One of the cons is that you need invest money in advertising and optimization of the website. This will ensure that you always have new visitors/customers interested in what you are offering. Over time, you will have a group of coming-back visitors and customers seeking you services.

Method # 3 - «Self advertisement»

So, we have come to my personal method of making money online. It is the hardest of them all but it is the most profitable in perspective. Its technical realization is not so difficult. You will need to create a blog on a  paid hosting with your owndomain name. Then start publishing articles, interviews, podcasts. Start helding seminars, conferences, write books, manuals, reports, all this simultaneously to the previous. Your goal is to gain authority in the given area. Your site serves as a place where readers can read about you, your services and most importantly your SUCCESS.

Good luck!

The message behind „Occupy Wallstreet“

„Occupy Wall Street“ is something that has to be considered seriously. I can’t recall a protest in the US history which is similar to this one. However, it has some serious problems. Since the protest wave expanded from town to another town we still can not see a clear message from the people behind „Occupy Wall Street“. At least the ordinary people can’t see it.

Of course, I believe such message must be clear for everyone who suffer from the economic problems and these are the people from middle class, because the rich people simply became richer in the last two years. The problem is that nobody in Washington is listening.

At this point the message is this: income inequality increases the number of the poor and threatens to create a permanent class of people that are able and willing to work but are unemployed. To some extent the protestors, most of whom are young people, are the voice of a generation that lost its opportunities.

Last year, unemployment among American college graduates under 25 was an average of 9.6%. Among high school graduates the unemployed are 21.6%. This data do not take into account graduates who work but at low paid jobs that do not even require a diploma. Such pathetic perspective especially in the early years of one’s career promises a life with increasingly fewer opportunities and lower incomes. This is the basic definition of descent down the social ladder.

But these protests are more than just a rebellion of the young people. The personal problems of the protestors are just one of the example that the economy does not work for most Americans.