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Breathe new life into old and low-quality images with Picsart’s AI Enhance tool. Here’s how to use it.
Picsart is an image and video editing app that also boasts a social aspect; your edited works can be posted to the app or straight to social media. Having collaborated with major celebrities like BlackPink and Lizzo, it's no wonder that Picsart has had more than 1 billion downloads across the globe, and its AI Enhance feature might indicate why.
Picsart's AI Enhance tool uses artificial intelligence to upscale an image using advanced AI models that work to sharpen the image, reduce blur, and add pixels that result in a high-quality picture.
Download: Picsart for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)
You can use AI Enhance for any picture, but the tool is best paired with old or low-quality pictures. If your picture is already of higher quality, the image might come out looking over-saturated and somewhat unrealistic. If you're not sure whether the tool will give you the results you seek, test it out—you can always undo the process.
Note that these features are paid options, so you can only utilize them with a Gold membership. However, if you're not willing to pay for the subscription, try this free AI tool that lets you upscale and restore images.
Picsart has two options that work to enhance an image: AI Enhance, and HD Portrait. The former works to restore the whole image, while the latter uses the same technology but with a focus on portraits.
Additionally, HD Portrait has a slider that allows you to decide the intensity of the feature, while AI Enhance has a one-tap option. Here's how to use the tools.
Using the AI Enhance tool is extremely easy. If you want to learn how to use it, follow these steps:
After following these steps and waiting for a short period, you will be able to compare your old picture to the newly restored one before applying or canceling the feature.
HD Portrait works to improve the quality of faces, so you can use this feature if you want to highlight the person in the picture. As the name indicates, this feature works best with portraits (a photograph of a person taken up-close, typically from the shoulders upward).
To use this feature, follow the steps below:
With the Picsart AI tool, you can enhance your past. The technology might not be perfect, but its easy accessibility and user-friendly interface have never made restoring old photographs so easy.
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